Friday, October 11, 2019

My New Blog

Many of you know me from my previous blog.  However, due to situations beyond my control, I am shifting my posts to this blog, as I can not remove all references to certain people from my old blog.

Although I will be posting entries on a regular basis, I will not be making daily posts.  Finding the time to write entries when I am very busy (such as on weekends) has proven to be a big headache for me.  Instead, I will chronicle the events in my life, especially where my transgender nature is involved.

Unlike many bloggers, I plan to have my posts show up at least one week after the events have occurred.  This way, I have the time to edit them for clarity and to make sure that I do not invade anyone's privacy.  This is one mistake I made in the old blog, and one I intend to avoid in this one.  It's too easy to lose a friend or two when writing in a diary format, and I don't want to lose any more friends because of my blogging.

An early dinner with a friend

  Last night, I mentioned to Pat that I wish I could have been born a cisgender female who looked like this when younger.  If I were younger...