Thursday, July 15, 2021

A quickie regarding my air conditioner problem.



Yes, it's another installment in my air conditioner story, because work has kept me too busy to have much of a life outside the office.

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Yesterday, I was finally able to reach someone from Tech Support who was willing to help me, although being overworked at the moment.  After 30 minutes of waiting, being next on queue, I realized that Friedrich's WiFi support is both understaffed and underappreciated.  So I played it nice when I finally reached the gentleman on the other side of the line.  He noted that he was backed up and wouldn't be able to start the exchange of emails that would allow me to resolve my Air Conditioner's WiFi problem. At this point, I calmly explained the situation from last week, and asked him to send me an email to make sure that he could reach me and that I could reach him.  (It also gave me a name to use in my next complaint latter, if one is needed.)  And that he did....

I need to get all this information from you:

Steps to get firmware:

1-. Click MENU button -
2-. Find the option ( SYS ) on the screen using the UP and DOWN arrows and click MENU whenever you find it.
3-. Go all the way down to the option FW and press MENU that will show you the Firmware of your unit.
4- Full Name -
5-. Full Address -
6-. What kind of phone are you using to connect ? ANDROID OR APPLE ?
7-. What error are you getting when you try to connect ? -
8-. Serial Number -
9-. Best callback number -
10-. Model number –

This was not a problem for me, and I sent him a response within 30 minutes.

Thanks for sending this so quickly!
Marian Johnson

Model: WCT16A30A
Serial: ########
Firmware: 1.02

Looking to connect with: 
1. An Android Phone
2. An iPad
I want to be able to use both devices.

Friedrich Connect software on phone/iPad/and Website doesn't connect with the AC.  I've received "unable to initialize association process" and "Error X107 TypeError Network request failed."  it advises me to call Friedrich Support with information from message ""  This info will come up on both iPad and Android phone.. The other gentleman (who was in a rush last Friday) told me that I needed a firmware upgrade based on what I was seeing.

Best callback number: 914-###-####.  Please note that I need to know in advance that I'll be receiving a call.  (I have some after work responsibilities that can make an unexpected call turn into a problem.)

Do you think I'll have this on another Wallmaster unit being delivered this week?  I had to replace the AC in my Living Room/Kitchen area first, and then decided to replace the Bedroom AC 3 weeks later.  Hopefully, I can get firmware for that unit (I don't remember the model number off hand, but it is a 12k BTU / 110v unit) that works "out of the box.". If so, can we accelerate the firmware update process for that unit if needed?

Since the gentleman on the other side of the line said that he was backed up and wouldn't be able to get back to me for a day or two, I figure that it makes sense to wait until after the weekend, as both air conditioners will be in place, and that I'll know if I have the same problem with my bedroom unit.  

Would I recommend Friedrich units to others?  Not unless they were forced to use a unit which would fit an old Fedders in-wall sleeve.  Since Friedrich is the only company making units for these sleeves, they have a monopoly that both appliance salespeople and the manufacturer take advantage of.  Sooner or later, this will change.  Until then, we're stuck with a company that causes needless problems for its customers.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Patterns of behavior


Some people are very predictable.  One person I know had a regularly scheduled appearance at a weekly dining meetup that was like going to church on Sundays - a place of comfort which this person did not want to see defiled by another person's presence.  This attitude caused an irreparable rift between two people that scarred one of them for little reason.

Why is this important?

I chatted with a friend last night, and noticed that this friend wanted to lecture me about my weight and my sleeping habits.  Yes, both are terrible.  I should do something about both.  But I haven't.  It's a matter of willpower - and much more.  Now, I'm starting to see several patterns of behavior that I don't like in myself and in others.

One person I know has burnt relationships without noticing her role in those relationships' failures.  Sad.  But when you don't learn from the past, you are doomed to repeat it.  In my case, when pushed, I will fight - not worrying about the end result.  In my most recent case, if I backed off when an unreasonable demand was made of me, I could have been in a better place with our mutual connections.  Next time, I'll know that it is better to avoid a fight where I don't have the ground advantage.  I learn from my mistakes.

We all are creatures of habit.  For example, many of us tend to take one way to work, one way to the airport, and one way to see each of their friends or family members.  Years ago, I had a minor issue with a friend when she was directing me to Westchester County Airport.  The most direct routes would have me drive to Pleasantville or Thornwood, then cross over the hilly ridge (via one of two roads) to reach the road that would take me to the airport.  I preferred the route through Thornwood, while my friend preferred the route through Pleasantville.  She was a little upset at me at first, but then became more comfortable when I reached the road going to the airport.  Another person I know uses her cell phone in bed, then drops it as she nods off to sleep.  Habits are hard to break, and they help to make us predictable creatures.

When my last long term girlfriend broke up with me, I thought I was going to make a habit of going to the local church (where they knew me as Marian) more often. It was not because I am a devout believer.  Instead, it was the feeling of community that I wanted.  In the case of the person I referred to at the top of this entry, I guess that she is still looking for that sense of community she gave up years ago when she stopped going to her church.


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