Saturday, July 23, 2022

Good days end with lobster



Last night, I sent a long delayed response to someone who was expecting an almost immediate response from me. There was one big reason I didn't immediately respond - I needed to figure out what I want to say, as the elephant in this person's room was not an elephant in my room.  (Sorry to keep the details secret.  I just don't want to alienate this person in case she reads my blog.)

This person probably did not want me to feel hurt, when she revealed this something.  But I had long since let go of that part of our past.  So, I had to delay my response.  Since there was another person involved, I had to make sure that any comments about this other person were on spot and well deserved.  I don't know how many more conversations I'll have with the first person, but both of us will be talking about our present lives, and not our past lives.

- - - - - -

Now back to me....

You may have noticed me writing about a favorite food truck (Cousins Maine Lobster) that circulates all over NYC and its nearby NYS suburbs.  Today, the truck was within 5 minutes of my house, so I planned to drive there after work.  My first stop was to drop off two bags to the thrift shop.  Instead of getting an electronic receipt, as I did in the past, I received a card which I could fill in myself.  This is not as good as I'd like, as I could print my copy on standard letter paper.  However, it does allow me to enter whatever quantity of donation bags I want.  So, everything balances out in the end.  

And then it was off for some lobster.  Given that the truck was positioned on the site of a church's fair,  the parking was horrendous.  However, getting my lobster was quicker than usual, as they had lots of food ready for quick sale.  From the time I parked my car to the time I returned to it, 10 minutes had expired, and I had a 10 minute drive to get home.  You can guess what was the first thing I did after stripping off my dress and taking off my bra.  Luckily, I had nothing else to do this evening.....

Friday, July 22, 2022

Closing out a weekend

It's amazing how comfortable RQS and I have become dealing with the minor headaches of everyday life. But more on this in a minute....

On Friday, I picked RQS up at the station, and we enjoyed dinner at a local "go-to" restaurant that Vicki and I enjoy when we are in the mood for sushi.  It's nice to know that she is accepting of me as Marian, but wants to make sure that she doesn't slip up when I'm in one presentation, but needs to talk about something that happened in the other presentation.  It takes time to keep things straight, and I told her that some of my closets friends still make that mistake now and then.

After we got home, I changed into Mario mode for the rest of the weekend.  Saturday would be spent at her friend's birthday party, and Sunday would be spent at Mavis getting new tires installed on my car.  We knew it would be busy from the minute she arrived, but we had a lot of fun in between the little things that needed to be addressed.

I'm hoping that we can travel together, both with me as Mario and as Marian.  Of course, I joked that if we visited Provincetown, MA, it would be appropriate if I went as Marian, as that town is comfortable with same sex couples showing public displays of affection....   Who knows?

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Elvis still is the King

Elvis Presley.  What can I say about him that hasn't been better said by others?

The other day, RQS and I went to see the new film about Elvis, where Tom Hanks plays Col.Tom Parker.  Both of us loved the movie, and were surprised when we found the audience behind us clapping at the screen.  Seems like the majority of us in the theater enjoyed the film.

Before I run on ad nauseam, I must say that I wasn't expecting Oscar quality performances from Austin Butler and Tom Hanks.  Both actors were perfectly cast for their roles. But I hope that Tom Hanks goes back to playing a "good guy" in his next film.  I'd hate to see him have to make the kind of decisions Fred MacMurray had to make after his performances in Double Indemnity and in The Caine Mutiny.  Both Hanks and MacMurray are actors who could play dark characters well, but whose audiences expect them to play good guys in their roles.  

Go into this movie with an open mind, and you will have a good time.  As in real life, Elvis and Col. Parker are very flawed people, and this movie focuses on those flaws.  The music is good, and I'm hoping to see a soundtrack come out soon....

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

I've decided to hold off on buying a car for now.


As much as I want a new car, I don't want to over pay for it.  Even though there is a shortage of cars, there is no excuse to charge $3000 over MSRP on an entry level car.  Dealers may get the sale now, but will not get the next sale after the supply chain returns to a new normal.

Over the past few weeks, I've visited dealerships and have been told that they will not make deals without charging extra for the car.  If a dealership indicates that it has wiggle room in making a deal, it's not enough room to get me to bite.  If a dealership claims to be willing to sell a car at MSRP, I've found that the dealership will throw on a BS line item to get that extra profit.  Finally, due to a lack of inventory, dealerships will sell used cars for the price of a new car.

Things will return to normal.  How soon, no one knows.  But if one can afford to wait for a new car, it pays to do so.  There are mixed opinions on whether a healthy normal will return, due to a long term shortage of computer chips.  But I feel that the industry will figure out a way to build new supply chains to maximize potential sales.  And if I'm right, things should start to ease up in the next few months.  This is worth waiting for....

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Game Night - a quick post


By the time I got home today, I felt how this fellow looked - a bit worn out.  The last thing I wanted to do was to freshen my makeup and drive to Yonkers for game night.  But, given the reduced frequency of game nights, I felt I had to go - and out the door I went.

While at game night, one of the ladies noted that she needs to get away on a vacation.  I noted how cheap cruising is right now, and I showed her the Vacations To Go web site with some of the cruises I'm considering taking in the fall.  She will likely book one of these trips and try to strong arm her husband into a small amount of traveling. (He hates travel, and she loves it.  This would have been a deal breaker had she known this before getting married.)

I'm still dealing with sleep deprivation, so I'll write more soon....

Monday, July 18, 2022

Boy, did I need a day off to do nothing.



It was a great relief not having to go to work and spend 8 hours at a mostly mindless task.  The reason why my job exists is that machines do not yet have enough pattern recognition ability to locate specific information in an almost randomly formatted document, nor do they have the ability to figure out what data has been captured incorrectly in an automated OCR scan of the page.

For example, take the business information below:

Dewey, Cheatem and Howe, Esqs, LLP
101 Vesey Street, Suite 10L
New York, NY 10007

Often, a person's signature may obscure some of the text.  So we have to figure out what text is underneath the signature.  Sometimes, letters are mixed up with numbers and vice versa.  Suite 10L might be scanned as LOL, 101 or 1OL.  We have to fix that error as well.  And then, some of the information we need to enter into a database is not found on the main page, but on a second page.  A lot of micro decisions are made throughout the day, and I am exhausted by day's end.

When one does work like this on a daily basis for months at a time, one's mind gets a little fried.  I do not have the energy to read books anymore.  Instead, I surf the web for short articles worthy of a skim.  Lately, I'm watching YouTube videos for information related to cruising, car purchasing, and other information I find of interest. (I'm lucky to be able to filter out the people who don't know what they talk about, leaving only decent sources of information in the areas I've just mentioned.)

Soon, I plan to leave this job.  It's a little scary to shift into a new phase of life.  But it will be rewarding.

- - - - - -

On a side note, my company asked me to supply a picture for a new ID card.  This picture was emailed overnight.  I'm very glad that they didn't ask me for a copy of my driver's license!

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning....


Yesterday, I went into work when I should have stayed home, only because it was a beginning of a work week after a 3 day weekend.  A last of sleep the night before made it impossible for me to function at 50% on the job, and it was a miracle that I got anything done. Right now, I'm glad that it is not bright and sunny outside, as I just called in sick to the office so that I can recharge my batteries.

I have found that the occasional day that I can get up late helps a great deal.  Our American style of work is not a healthy one.  We treat workers as if they are disposable parts of a machine, and most have no idea that they would be treated better if they lived in many other developed countries.  I consider myself lucky that I can afford to retire, and that I don't need this job for the money it provides me.  (Money does help, as I haven't needed to drain savings lately.)  

Soon, I will retire for good.  I am worn out as a worker, and I plan to leave things for the younger folk to take care of.  It is the normal course of life.  Yet, I am envious of the people who have more years ahead of them than years behind them.  There are so many things I'd do differently now in my career that I didn't do way back when.  And now, I look forward to the next stage of life....

RQS went home, and I got keys made - a quick post

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