Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Lunch with a friend, then both laundry and packing for my cruise.


This would be the second to last day I'd be spending at home before the weekend.  And I should have made every minute count.  Instead, I had a long lunch and killed time before doing laundry and packing for my trip.

- - - - - -

Today would likely be the last day I'd be able to spend as Marian for a while.  I'd be out as Mario over the weekend.  And when I return, I'll be unwilling to risk wallet swapping to spend one last day out as Marian.  This will help me be sure to have all my ID in the wallet that is coming on the trip with me.

Around lunch time, I mat my friend from the census, and we had a much longer than usual lunch together.We had a very lighthearted chat, and I made a joke about my bi-gendered nature in regard to a different packing list from that above.  Yesterday, Microsoft's AI generated a packing list for my cruise - but for a female.  This list contained dresses for formal nights, and I noted that it would be inappropriate for most males, but for me.... 😀    We talked about our upcoming trips, me to Norway, and her trip to Vegas.  It seems like all of my friends are going away for a while, and it will be hard to catch up with them during the summer.

After lunch, I proceeded to the bookstore to see if they had Erik Larson's latest book in stock.  Although they did, I wasn't in the mood to spend $35 on a book that I'd only read once.  Instead, I'll put another hold on the book, and wait until I can again get it to read.  Next, I browsed in Home Goods, seeing nothing of interest.  (I miss the old Bed, Bath and Beyond!)  Then, it was time to come home and rest.

Once at home, it was time for this T-Gal to do some laundry.  Not much need to be said about this task, save that I wanted to make sure that I had a pair of jeans to wear on this trip.....

PS: It's already 1:30 am, and I still have more packing to do.  This will have to wait until the morning for me to finish off the big bag that goes down to RQS's place this weekend.


Marie Anne Greene said...




Marian said...

Marie -

Cruising en-femme with masculine paperwork is relatively easy, with a few caveats. For example, I research the attitudes of the ports where the ship will visit BEFORE I get off at a port. In the case of Caribbean islands, I stay on the ship for ports such as St. Kitts and St. Lucia. But I will get off in St. Martin, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico - where US or EU laws will protect me. I am completely safe when cruising to Canada, as their laws protect trans folk.

Make sure you use your legal ID in all cases with your legal name. As you can guess, "Mario" is a pseudonym I use in this forum. But if you had a name like Patrick, you could use the feminine version of the name, Patricia, in general conversation. I had only one incident with a person where she looked for Marian, and found that I was Mario. I told her my story, and we still occasionally exchange messages. (She's a hard cor cruiser, traveling on at least 3-4 cruises per year, one or more being bucket list trips like Antarctica.)

Hopefully, this helps you.


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